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Complete quality testing equipment

Complete quality testing equipment


Ø nuclear magnetic


ØHigh performance liquid chromatography

ØGas Chromatograph

ØUV spectrophotometer

ØInfrared spectrophotometer

ØHumidity Analyzer


ØRefractive Index Analyzer ØLiquid density and concentration measuring instrument

Core Technology and Equipment

Core Technology and Equipment


1. A Chinese-style workshop, covering an area of 1500 square meters, including electric heating equipment, 6 sets of rectification towers (300L-3000L), more than 30 sets of pilot reactors (500L-5000L), and a production workshop of about 3000m2. There are about 80 sets of reactors.

2. Stable production of ammoniation, oxidation, chlorination and hydrogenation units.

3. The treatment capacity of three wastes is 60,000 tons / year

4. The workshop has activated carbon desorption device and hydrogen chloride gas absorption device.

5. The stored exhaust gas adopts advanced RTO facilities.

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